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Luis Suarez' session at IntraTeam Network Meeting 2020

10:00 - 12:00 (CET) | online

03 December
10:00 - 12:00

Auto-translated from IntraTeam website
Digital Transformation & Data Analytics Adviser, Luis Suarez presents
"Who is who in a distributed Digital Workplace?"
at the IntraTeam Networking Meeting "Competence search and find the right colleagues"

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Information about the network meeting

For this informative online networking meeting, we will share knowledge and experiences about Enterprise Search and competency search including how to find the right colleagues.

First and foremost, we have a participant round, where we hear about the participants' work tasks and current challenges. This allows you to get help and sparring from other like-minded people who often sit or have sat with the same challenges as you.

Who is who in a distributed Digital Workplace?

Next, we have been fortunate to have Luis Suarez, Digital Transformation & Data Analytics Adviser at panagenda, give online posts on "Who is who in a distributed Digital Workplace?". The post in English is about:

Finding experts in a timely manner has always been one of the most poignant issues within organizations. But also a huge business opportunity. With the emergence of social, digital tools, understanding who knows whom / what has perhaps become even more challenging, yet more impactful. And now that we are all working distributedly, things have become somewhat more complex? Or have they? Do * you * know where your experts are? Come and join us on this rather interactive session with Luis Suarez where you will be able to learn:
  1. How to find experts in a timely manner using digital tools.
  2. How to expose expertise to avoid not having to reinvent the wheel.
  3. How to make more visible different skills and expertise without becoming a burden on the experts themselves.
  4. Learn different business practices to showcase your own expertise.
  5. Identify networks of experts within an organization to tap into through the magic of folksonomies.
All in all, an exciting network meeting that gives you a lot of sparring and inspiration for your work with Enterprise Search and competency search.


10.00 Welcome and since last
10.05 Brief presentation of each participant:
  • Name, company and area of ​​work
  • FunFact
  • What are you currently working on?
  • Is there anything concrete you are looking for knowledge about?
  • Do you use some tools that others could benefit from?
10.45 Break
11.00 Theme: Who is who in a distributed Digital Workplace?
11.50 Date and theme for next meeting
12.00 Thank you for today and see you again
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Webinar: 10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Domino Migration Project

10:30 - 11:00 (EST) | online

03 December
10:30 - 11:00

In 2021, businesses want certainty. Companies and IT teams must make tough decisions with the utmost confidence to keep IT operations and system performance budget-friendly, resilient, and secure.

Is your Domino app modernization or migration project struggling to keep up with these sorts of demands? Let us show you our unique approach to making sure you have the information required to succeed.

You will learn how to use iDNA’s rich collection of ready-to-use charts, dashboards, and reports to their utmost potential right from the get-go. You no longer have to wait a year, or quarter, no, not even a month to access highly valuable information. Based on 10 real-world examples, we will show you that after only three days, you will already see a massive return on your investment.

Webinar: 10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Domino Migration Project



Russian Notes User Group 2020 - RNUG online forum

00:00 - 23:59 (MSK) | online

04 - 11 December
00:00 - 23:59

panagenda is thrilled to once again sponsor the RNUG (Russian Notes User Group) conference for 2020, this time in a virtual format. RNUG is a group of users for collaboration, discussion of new products and mutual assistance for HCL Software products. Since 2018, RNUG has represented the interests of customers and partners for Domino, Notes, Sametime, Connections products, holds conferences, trainings, meetups and webinars. They help customers find a common language with the vendor, test and translate products. The RNUG community is a competent partner for dialogue with customers, business partners and vendors.

Stay tuned for exact appointments in RNUG's agenda, which include panagenda's industry experts presenting:

Friday December 4

DeepDive Workshop - HCL Notes Client upgrades/deployments using MarvelClient
2:00-4:00 pm (MSK) | 12:00-2:00 pm (CET) | 10:00 pm - 00:00 am Dec. 5th (AEDT) | 6:00-8:00 am (EST)
Workshop hosts: Florian Vogler & Christoph Adler
In this Workshop Florian Vogler & Christoph Adler will show you detailed how you can use MarvelClient Upgrade to configure, prepare and run the best HCL Notes installations ever. You will learn how easy it is to get all users upgraded to the latest and greatest version of HCL Notes in lightspeed, seamlessly and without any disruptions for users. Additionally to "upgrades" they will show how to create "initial" installation packages for HCL Notes being able to deploy this on new computers AND the fully automatic way to create an HCL Notes installation for virtual platforms like Citrix and VDI including all needed optimizations and performance tweaks.

Tuesday December 8

HCL Notes 11.0.1 FP1 - Performance Boost Re-Reloaded
11:00 am (MSK) | 09:00 am (CET) | 07:00 pm (AEDT) | 3:00 am (EST)
Speaker: Christoph Adler
In this session (re-reloaded and remastered for HCL Notes 11.0.1 FP1), you will learn how easy it can be to maximize Notes client performance. Let Christoph show you, what can be tuned and how to resolve the best possible performance for your HCL Notes client infrastructure. Discover tips and tweaks - how to debug your Notes client, deal with outdated ODS, network latency and application performance issues and the measurable benefit that provides to your users. You’ll discover the current best practices for streamlining location and connection documents and why the catalog.nsf is still so important. You will leave the session with the knowledge you need to improve your HCL Notes 11.0.1 FP1 client installations and to provide a better experience for happier administration and happier end-users!

80% less helpdesk tickets with Notes Client Management
3:00 pm (MSK) | 1:00 pm (CET) | 11:00 pm (AEDT) | 7:00 am (EST)
Speaker: Florian Vogler
Come join Florian Vogler for a fast paced session on how customers reduce their Notes helpdesk tickets by 80% and more. Learn what panagenda MarvelClient has to offer and how it helps companies around the world! Plus, we will definitely cover what to best manage with the FREE MarvelClient Essentials and the FREE MarvelClient for HCL Nomad. This session will help you optimize your total cost of ownership and become a Notes Client superhero!

Wednesday December 9

HCL Notes 11.0.1 FP1 Upgrades: Easy - Fast - Seamless
12:00 pm (MSK) | 10:00 am (CET) | 08:00 pm (AEDT) | 4:00 am (EST)
Speaker: Christoph Adler
Join this session and learn how you can take the worst Notes client deployments (simulated multi-user, copied data directories, outdated templates, misconfigured workspace folders, dramatically grown data directories, very slow clients, clients with crashes, etc.) and clean it, upgrade it and deliver it without disruption! No matter how much you try, you will always find Notes clients out there that do not behave or participate! Gain access to the best and latest Notes client management knowledge, combined with more than 16 years of experience with Notes client upgrades to get the fastest and most stable HCL Notes 11.0.1 FP1 client ever.

Virtual, Faster, Better! How to deploy HCL Notes 11.0.1 FP1 for Citrix/VDI
2:00 pm (MSK) | 12:00 pm (CET) | 10:00 pm (AEDT) | 6:00 am (EST)
Speaker: Christoph Adler
Virtualizing HCL Notes 11.0.1 FP1 (incl. Language Packs, Fix Packs, Connections Plugins for Notes and more) is an effective way to standardize your Notes client infrastructure, reduce costs for workstation hardware and give your users a consistent experience. In this session, you will learn how to implement, configure and tune HCL Notes 11.0.1 FP1 on platforms like Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop and get the most out of it by dramatically reducing start-up times (up to 70%), bringing a much better performance and increasing the stability into the Notes client. Beside a live demo on what we call “The Workspace (folder) Improvement” you'll also get some worst practices stories as Chris shares his experiences from real-world client virtualization projects, how these stories can help you and a detailed recipe on ”How to run the Installation and initial configuration of Notes in the best possible way for your very own infrastructure”.

Registration details can be found on the RNUG website below.

Schedule appointment with attendees: Dominik Lübbe

Russian Notes User Group 2020 - RNUG online forum

Client Projects and References

  • "panagenda quickly recognizes inefficient practices and offers high quality solutions. We were able to increase performance significantly while considerably reducing administrative burdens."

    Raoul Morik
    Raoul Morik IT Administrator at Julius Blum GmbH
  • "MarvelClient enabled us to automate migration to the cloud. As such, there was little effort required from our users and IT staff in order to install and configure the Notes client and desktop management."

    Daniel Ramelet
    Daniel Ramelet Team Head eCollaboration at Sika Switzerland
  • "Our experiences with panagenda’s employees and solutions are outstanding. I can definitely recommend panagenda as they have helped us advance our solutions and infrastructure to be ready for the future."

    Michael Kobrowski
    Michael Kobrowski Technical Services Integrator bei SMC Corporation of America

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