Spring 2020 has changed the way the world operates.

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting the lives of us all. At panagenda, people matter most and our commitment remains as strong as ever to the continued health and well being of our employees, families, customers, partners, and communities. We believe that technology can change lives and that it can be a valuable tool at a time like this. We are all working to find innovative ways to stay productive. Whether that is working from home, developing a vaccine at unprecedented speed or realigning our business processes to help communities and customers survive and flourish in this "new normal" that we find ourselves in.

Our part in this is to help our customers navigate through this difficult time towards recovery by providing remote consulting, training and support whenever needed. And as always panagenda will continue to monitor support channels and offer quick and efficient assistance for all of our products and solutions.

We wish you and your families the best of health and safety for the weeks to come.

Upcoming Events



Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

00:00 - 23:59 () | online

27 - 28 May
00:00 - 23:59

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon is a joint effort with SPC and members of the Office 365 community. Offered as a free online, 36-hour event happening May 27-28 2020, there will be sessions going the whole time with speakers from around the globe. Come join Ben Menesi as he presents

Office 365 in today's digital threats landscape: attacks & remedies from a hacker

Office 365 environments are very attractive targets for attackers. So, it's never been more important to understand how its security structure works, and how to best configure it.

In this in-depth session, we'll run through real-time attack scenarios and examine common attack vectors. And then we'll explore the various defense capabilities of Office 365, the MS Graph API, and Azure AD. We'll deep-dive into external sharing, authentication options, third-party application security (what apps should and shouldn't be able to do), and even some do's and don'ts regarding Azure AD endpoints and authorization mechanisms.

You'll walk away with a solid understanding of how to use the Office 365 defense tools at your disposal, such as the Attack Simulator and Threat Intelligence, as well as how they relate to real-world attacks.

 Ben Menesi has been with panagenda since August 2019 and works as Vice President, products and innovation – with focus on the Microsoft Product line. Ben has significant experience working with fortune 500 customers around the globe on all things collaboration and security on both the IBM and Microsoft platforms, and he’s been speaking at technology events addressing audiences in over 15 countries over the past decade.

Schedule appointment with attendees: Ben Menesi



Webinar: Behalten Sie Ihre Mail- und Applikationslandschaft im Griff - Auch wenn sie sich verändert

10:00 - 10:30 (CEST) | online

09 June
10:00 - 10:30

Die IT-Welt ändert sich schneller denn je. Notesanwendungen schieden aus, neue kommen dazu. Endbenutzer delegieren ihre Maildatenbanken. Mitarbeiter treten ein oder scheiden aus. Sie wollen sicherstellen, dass jeder Benutzer immer die richtigen Applikationen und Maildatenbanken griffbereit hat - von den richtigen Servern und mit den richtigen Replikationseinstellungen.In dieser Session werden sie erfahren, wie unsere Kunden dies erreichen, und wie auch Sie dorthin gelangen können.

  • Verwalten Sie Arbeitsbereich, Lesezeichen, Maildatenbank und -einstellungen sowie lokale Repliken
  • Wie sie möchten: Ob nur die Links für einzelne Applikationen, oder ein voll standardisierter, funktionsspezifischer Client. Alles geht.
  • Sich ständig ändernde Maildelegation sauber auf allen Notesclients abbilden.
  • Die Clientseite von Applikationslebenszyklen im Griff haben: vom Ausrollen bis zum Ausscheiden
  • Lösen Sie das permente und effiziente Entfernen von ausgeschiedenen Maildatenbanken und Applikationen, auch für sehr große Benutzer- und Applikationszahlen
Nach diesem Webinar haben Sie das Know-How und einen breit gefächerten Satz an Werkzeugen, um all Ihre Applikationsherausforderungen meistern zu können, während sie die Aufwände für Administration und Helpdesk senken.Melden Sie sich noch heute an, um mit Marc Thomas das Leben Ihrer Benutzer (und auch Ihr eigenes) besser zu machen!

Schedule appointment with attendees: Marc Thomas

Webinar: Behalten Sie Ihre Mail- und Applikationslandschaft im Griff - Auch wenn sie sich verändert



Webinar: Get a grip on a changing mail and application landscape

16:00 - 16:30 (CEST) | online

09 June
16:00 - 16:30

IT is evolving faster than ever. Notes applications are being retired and new ones are added. People use mail delegation to grant or revoke access. Employees join or leave. You want to make sure each user has all the right applications and mail files at their fingertips, pointing to the right servers, with the right replication settings.In this webinar you will see how our customers achieved this, and how you can get there as well:

  • Manage your users' workspace, bookmarks, mail file and -settings, and replicas
  • Choose your fit: from just managing links to specific applications, to a fully standardized, role-specific workspace
  • Ensure constantly changing mail delegation is automatically reflected on your Notes clients
  • Handle the client-side of the Domino application lifecycle, from roll-out to retirement
  • Solve the removal of retired or deprecated applications and mail files quickly and permanently, even for very large user and application counts
After this session you will have a broad set of tools and the necessary understanding, to perfectly meet all your Domino application needs, while lowering admin and helpdesk effort.Join HCL Master, Christoph Adler today to make your users' (and your) life better!

Schedule appointment with attendees: Christoph Adler

Webinar: Get a grip on a changing mail and application landscape

Client Projects and References

  • "panagenda quickly recognizes inefficient practices and offers high quality solutions. We were able to increase performance significantly while considerably reducing administrative burdens."

    Raoul Morik
    Raoul Morik IT Administrator at Julius Blum GmbH
  • "MarvelClient enabled us to automate migration to the cloud. As such, there was little effort required from our users and IT staff in order to install and configure the Notes client and desktop management."

    Daniel Ramelet
    Daniel Ramelet Team Head eCollaboration at Sika Switzerland
  • "Our experiences with panagenda’s employees and solutions are outstanding. I can definitely recommend panagenda as they have helped us advance our solutions and infrastructure to be ready for the future."

    Michael Kobrowski
    Michael Kobrowski Technical Services Integrator bei SMC Corporation of America

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